Custom CMS solution with content personalisation and localisation.

A new website for a global law firm with improved user experience, content personalisation and automation and custom CMS for improved admin ease of use.


  • Improved UI to showcase the firm’s services more clearly

  • Help users find relevant content quickly & easily

  • Increase user engagement

  • Improve CMS user experience


  • Content localisation

  • Fully responsive website

  • Content personalisation & automation

  • RSS integration

  • Content localisation

  • Bespoke CMS solution


  • Immersion Process

  • Strategic Planning

  • User personas & affinity mapping

  • UX & Wireframes

  • Front-end (responsive) development

  • Build & integration of custom CMS

  • Content migration

  • Third party software integrations


  • Increased user engagement (increase in clicks per user)

  • Improved ease of use for admin users

  • Integration with Proskauer’s internal systems

  • Supports ABM campaigns through company-specific content personalisation

We get pretty excited* about the various cunning ways we've found to solve clients' challenges and create efficiencies over the years, so if you'd like to chat to us about any of them, we're always up for that.

*...but do tell us to pipe down if we geek out too much (we're used to that from our friends and family).