Kingston Technology

Multichannel event marketing strategy & advertising.

Event marketing strategy and creative support with paid social ads, geotargeting, and post event lead nurturing.


  • Optimise follow-ups from events & trade shows

  • Capitalise on the substantial number of leads generated at these events (including exhibition stands & breakout VIP events)

  • Convert contacts into warm leads & prospective clients


  • Geo-targeted marketing campaign across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and programmatic advertising

  • Email nurture campaign targeting delegates to the event

  • Structured VIP roundtable event


  • Creative strategy for pre, during and post-event engagement

  • Creative copywriting for ads & email campaigns

  • Devise a structured private roundtable event around the event

  • Tactical support on briefing sales teams to follow-up on individual qualified leads

  • Development of ideal customer profile to ensure targeting accuracy


  • 40+ Marketing Qualified Leads generated from a single event for the business development team, a record for this annual event

  • 84,000+ impressions over 4 days targeting users attending the event and hotels surrounds the event location

  • 250+ clicks at $3.29 CPC on a campaign optimised for impressions

  • Widespread awareness generated for the stand with multiple tweets achieving 2’000+ engagement and 20’000+ reach

We get pretty excited* about the various cunning ways we've found to solve clients' challenges and create efficiencies over the years, so if you'd like to chat to us about any of them, we're always up for that.

*...but do tell us to pipe down if we geek out too much (we're used to that from our friends and family).